What is Dashlane Premium?

Dashlane Premium is an annual subscription that gives you unlimited backup, automatic sync across all your devices, direct access to your data on the Web app and priority support. With a Premium subscription, you will also unlock our U2F functionalities, and enjoy all Dashlane features with increased convenience and security.

What does Dashlane Premium give me access to?

Unlimited Backup of Your Data

You can securely and safely back up all your encrypted data in the cloud, so you will always have a copy to restore from. If you purchase a new device or find yourself unable to use the original device you created your Dashlane account on, simply download Dashlane to a new device, securely log in to your account and you will find all your data waiting for you.

Automatic Sync Across all of your Devices

You can keep your Dashlane data in sync on as many devices as you like, including your Mac, iPhone or iPad, and PC, Android phone or tablet — there are no limitations to the number of devices that you can sync. As soon as you add a new authenticated device, your data will automatically be synced to it from our cloud-based server. This means you will always be able to access your most up-to-date data from any of your devices.

Web access to your data

If you do not have one of your devices with you, or you need to access your information on a computer that does not have Dashlane installed, you can securely log in on our website to get web access to your logins and passwords on any browser.

U2F functionalities

With a Premium suscription, you will be able to activate and use our U2F functionalities for an extra layer of security and convenience! In order to add a U2F Security Key to your Dashlane account, you need to have access to your account on a Desktop platform, and you must also possess a U2F Security Key. More information on this feature here

Priority Support

Skip the support line! Your request will be treated before all others.

How to upgrade to Premium?

You can buy a Premium subscription using your iTunes Account, directly from your Dashlane iOS app settings.

Dashlane Premium is available in subscriptions of different durations, allowing you to purchase a longer password protection at a reduced yearly price.

1 Year Dashlane Premium - Automatic renewal

Dashlane’s 1 year Premium product in the iOS app is an auto-renewable subscription. Please note that auto-renewable subscriptions must be managed in your iTunes settings, and not directly with Dashlane. Click here to see how. Your iTunes account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of your first year’s purchase. If you do not change your subscription 24 hours before your first year’s expiry date, your Premium subscription will be automatically renewed.

Multiple-year Dashlane Premium plans

It is possible to buy subscriptions for multiple years of Dashlane Premium in order to benefit from a reduced yearly price, and longer protection for your data.

These purchases will be charged to your iTunes Account when you upgrade to Premium from your iOS app. Multiple-year subscriptions are not automatically renewed.

For more information, see our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

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