How to add logins, passwords and data on iOS

Add your logins and passwords to Dashlane and make it quick and easy to sign in to all your online accounts! Dashlane securely saves your passwords in one place, giving you access anywhere you go.

All your data is encrypted with your master password, which only you know so no one, not even Dashlane, has access to your information. And as well as storing all your logins and passwords, you can securely store lots of other kinds of data like notes, IDs, credit cards or receipts.

Login and Passwords

To add a password, go to the Passwords section and then tap on the plus sign to add a new password. Make sure you enter the URL for the site in the Website field or simply choose one of the sites represented by icons in this window.

​You need to add your login and password for this site. You can also add a category if you like. When you have finished, tap on "Add" at the top right.

As you enter your password in the password credential, a colored bar will indicate you the strength of your password: From Weak (red), to fairly complex (orange), to complex (green).

By clicking on Generate, Dashlane can create for you strong passwords automatically. Several options enable you to customize your password's length and add digits, letters and symbols.

When you look at your password in the Passwords section, you have a few options:

  • Go to the website by tapping Login next to the URL.
  • Copy password or see password by tapping on Copy or on the Eye logo next to the password
  • Send this securely to someone who does or doesn't have Dashlane by tapping on Share password at the bottom of the screen. Read more here: Securely send your data via Dashlane Courier
  • You can also Edit your password and change any details or add a note by tapping on the Edit button at the top right of the screen..


Do you want to store other passwords and data that doesn't involve a website? You can do this in the secure notes section. Here, you can store membership cards, Wi-Fi passwords, software licenses, legal documents, and any other kind of data that you want to store safely and have access to wherever you are!

Go into the Secure Notes section, then tap the plus sign at the top right to add your first note.

You can add a Title to your note, "Wifi code - Home" for example, and your note's Content. You could also set the note to Locked on this page. This means that you'll need your master password to unlock this note, even if you've already logged into the app. This provides an extra layer of security, but you can disable this feature if you prefer.

Feel free to add a Color to your note so that you can easily recognize it. Don't forget to add a Category to your note for future reference.

Contact info

If you add your details to the Contact section then Dashlane will be able to fill this in for you automatically on websites, saving you time! This is when you visit sites using the Dashlane browser. You need to tap on the plus sign to add some contact info (Name, Email, Phone, etc).

If you need to, you can copy any information from this section by holding your finger on the text you want to copy. Then, when you release your finger you'll see the Copy button pop up.

IDs (passport, driver's license, social security number, etc)

You can safely store all your identification data in Dashlane as well. This means that you'll have this information with you at all times and Dashlane will automatically fill this in on sites for you so you won't have to re-type this information over and over! You can add your ID card, passport, driver's license, social security number and tax number.

When you're done, you'll see a list of all your IDs. Tap on the plus sign at the top right of this page to add any more IDs. 

Credit Cards and Bank Accounts

In the Payment section of your iOS device application, tap the plus sign to add all your payment info to your Dashlane account. You can add your credit cards, bank accounts and even your PayPal accounts. This means that you won't need to enter your payment information when you're buying online ever again, Dashlane will do this for you.

You can edit your information for one of your entries by tapping on the Edit button at the top right, and you can also Copy or See your payment details with the two icons next to your numbers.

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