How to use the Dashlane Browser on iOS

Similar to our Safari and Chrome extension for iOS, the integrated Dashlane Browser automatically fills your credentials and logs you in as soon as you arrive on any website.

How to access your sites and log in automatically

Open the app, go to the Tools section and tap on Dashlane Browser.

Here, you'll need to put the URL for your site in the browser's address bar. To do this, tap and hold down in the address bar at the top of the screen. Then, Select All and start typing in your website. Alternatively, you can tap on the X at the right of the URL to clear the field.

If you already have a credential saved for the website you are trying to access, the site’s name will appear just under the address bar as you type. Tap on the suggestion to go straight to your site. If no suggestion appears, you can type in the whole URL for your site and tap on Go at the bottom right of the keyboard.

You will then access your website.

If Dashlane does not automatically fill the login and password fields with your information, look at the little impalas at the right of those fields:

      • If they are grey, it means that Dashlane has not yet stored any data for this website. You will need to enter your username and password manually.
      • If they are blue, it means that Dashlane already has your data stored and is ready to log you in. Just tap in one of the fields and choose the login you want to use from the window that appears at the bottom of the screen. Dashlane will then automatically fill the fields with your login and password and log you in. If you do not want to use one of the registered accounts, tap the Abc button; you will then be able to manually type in your username and password.

To find out how to add logins and passwords to your Dashlane account, please refer to this guide: How to add logins, passwords and data on iOS

In order to use the Dashlane browser for automatic login when you go to websites directly from passwords in your Dashlane app, go to Dashlane General settings:

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