Why Dashlane Business

Dashlane Business allows you to seamlessly manage your digital identity with ease and convenience by using both our Spaces feature in your Dashlane app, and the Admin Console on the web.
Dashlane Business introduces identity management to your employees with easily-managed Spaces that keep business and personal accounts separate. Our Spaces feature allows business and personal items, including Passwords, Payments and Secure Notes, to be separated into different environments within the Dashlane app. When an employee leaves your company, admins can revoke access and ensure former employees no longer have access to your company's Space. 
Dashlane Business has a simple, intuitive Admin Console, which gives admins a way to manage employee access and enforce strong policies. The improved Admin Console allows admins to see individual Password Health scores for their business Space. Remember, Password Health scores are not visible for an employee's personal Space.
With this information, admins are able to identify the weakest points in their password strategy and enforce strong passwords policies to improve the overall digital security of their organization.
Admins can also promote other users to admin status to help manage their Business account and access more effectively. Admins can also easily onboard and off-board employees, and manage their billing cycle along with their appointed billing contact. 
In the event that an employee leaves the company, admins can easily remove an employee's internal access to your company's Space. This allows the former employee to maintain access to their personal passwords and data saved within their Dashlane account.  
With many new features to come, your Dashlane Business account will have all the tools needed to help you manage your organization's credentials with ease.
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