How to offboard a user from Dashlane Business

There are several steps to follow if you wish to offboard a user from your Dashlane Business account completely. This article will explain exactly how to proceed.

When on the Admin Console, you will be able to revoke members off your Dashlane Business account. Keep in mind that each seat you purchase for your Dashlane Business account can be used to invite a user to the account, and will become available again once that user is revoked from the account.

Please note that if Remote Deprovisioning is enabled from the Admin Console, then any revoked member will lose all items related to the Business Space. Learn more about Remote Deprovisioning 

How to offboard a user

To offboard a user from your Dashlane Business account, simply go to the Manage users tab of your Admin Console and choose the user you wish to revoke. Place your mouse over this user and click on the Edit button, then click on Revoke user to revoke him.

A pop-up will prompt to confirm if you're certain to do so. For more information, please visit this page.

When one of your Business account member's license is deactivated, the license becomes available for any other account member to use via an invitation sent by an account admin. All unused licenses can be seen on the Dashboard and the Manage users page.

When you revoke one of your Business account member's license, their Dashlane account is not deactivated: they just stop enjoying the Premium subscription previously granted to them via Dashlane Business, as well as other Dashlane Business-specific features such as Spaces. This means that all passwords that were stored in their accounts, whether these had been manually created or shared with them, will not be deleted, unless Remote Deprovisioning was enabled. If Remote Deprovisioning was not enabled, and you wish to delete all passwords you had shared with your account members prior to revoking them, please revoke their access to these items manually. To do so, go to your Dashlane application in the Sharing Center, and click on Revoke user to revoke their access to all passwords that were shared by you.

How to offboard an admin

We recommend to all Dashlane Business accounts to have at least two admins, so that to always have a back-up admin in case one of them leaves. If you only had one admin in your Dashlane Business account and if that admin left the company before transferring his/her rights to someone else, please get in touch with our Support team.

If you have at least two account admins in your account and if you are yourself an account admin, keep in mind that admins can only be revoked from a Business account if their status were first changed back to member.

Also, do not forget to have the admin leaving the company transfer all password ownership to another account admin (with unlimited rights). To know more on how to share your passwords with unlimited rights, please read the following guide: How to share your data. If you are one of the other account admins on this Dashlane Business account and already have access to all these passwords, make sure that your former admin no longer does. Please refer to the first section of this article for more information on how to revoke shared data.

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