What happens if I am revoked from a Dashlane Business account?

Your account

Once revoked from a Dashlane Business account, your Dashlane account will still be available for you to use. As long as they were not listed under your former Business Space, all your passwords and other data will be available as well, whether they were created by you or shared with you. Shared data will only be gone from your Dashlane account if it was revoked by the person who initially shared it with you or falls under the Business Space.

Your data

If your company had Remote Deprovisioning activated, then data that are related to your company will be removed. Remote Deprovisioning is a Dashlane Business feature which ensures company logins remain secure if an employee leaves an organization. It allows Dashlane Business admins to automatically remove company credentials upon revoking a user from their Dashlane Business account.

When you are revoked from a Dashlane Business account, any items that you manually moved into your Business Space will move to your personal Dashlane account automatically. However, if an admin of your Dashlane Business account implemented settings to remove data associated with your company’s domain(s), the items that were previously forced in your Business Space will no longer be available to you. If you believe you’ve been removed from a Dashlane Business account on accident, reach out to your company’s admin. Any business passwords that are removed automatically from your account upon being revoked from a Dashlane Business account are stored for 30 days before they are permanently deleted.

Data you shared with other users will not be automatically revoked either. If you wish to revoke some of it, go to your Sharing Center and revoke passwords or users according to your needs. 

Your Space and Premium status

As a former Dashlane Business account member, you will no longer have access to Spaces if you have been revoked. The Spaces menu will disappear from your Dashlane application and all your items will be displayed in the same location.

Being revoked from a Dashlane Business account also means you will no longer enjoy the Premium benefits you used to be entitled to when you were part of a Dashlane Business account. 

If you did not subscribe to a Premium account individually, your account status will become Free, and you will have to purchase a Dashlane Premium account if you wish to keep these benefits. A 40-days grace period will be offered to you so as you can have enough time to organize all your data before losing Premium features.

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