How to migrate data between your personal and Dashlane Business accounts

When Invited to your company's Dashlane Business account, you may already have a personal Dashlane account. In order to combine the data of the two, you can easily migrate your data from your personal account to your new Business one, using a secure Dashlane archive file. 

Note that it is only possible to create a backup using a computer (Windows or Mac OS X) and not mobile devices (iOS or Android). 

How to create a secure archive file of your data

Windows / Mac OS X

  1. Launch Dashlane and log in to your account
  2. Select File → Export → Dashlane secure archive from the top menu (or press ⌘ + ⇧ + S on Mac OS X)
  3. Enter your Master Password (if required)
  4. Save the file in a safe place

Your whole account is exported in this process. It is currently not possible to export only part of your data. You can move the file wherever you'd like. When restoring from this backup, it does not matter where the file is located. The name of the file can also be changed. 


How to import your secure archive file to your new Dashlane Business account

When restoring data from a backup file, data from your whole account is then imported to the new account. It is not possible to select or deselect which data you want to import at the moment.

Windows / Mac OS X

  1. Launch Dashlane and log in to your account
  2. In order to avoid duplicates, make sure that your new Business account does not contain any data that was previously exported to the backup file
  3. Select File → Import → Dashlane secure archive from the top menu 
  4. Select the file that you exported previously
  5. Enter the Master Password used to cipher the backup file (i.e. the Master Password of your personal Dashlane account you had at the time you exported the file)


Migrating your data from other password managers

Please refer to these articles if you have data saved on other password managers that you would like to migrate to your new Dashlane Business account:

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What will happen to the charge made to my personal account

In order for you to not lose access to any Premium features, you are able to have both a Dashlane Premium and a Dashlane Business account. Should you be made part of a Dashlane Business plan and not wish to maintain your personal account, please contact our User Support.

To read more about what happens when you leave your Dashlane Business account, please refer to this article

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