What features are included with Dashlane Business?

Dashlane Business is an annual subscription that gives you unlimited backup, automatic sync across all your devices, direct access to your data on the Web app and priority support. Dashlane Business gives you access to all of Dashlane's basic features with increased convenience and security, as well as some additional Premium features: Dark Web Monitoring, secure file storage, and U2F functionalities.

What features do I get with Dashlane Business?

Features exclusive to Dashlane Business

  • The Admin Console allows Dashlane Business admins to monitor and manage their users with ease and efficiency. With this tool, admins can provision Dashlane accounts by adding and removing members and seats, monitor the billing cycle and receipts, and even check members' Dashlane Security Scores for passwords stored in their work Space.
  • Dashlane Business provides users with different Spaces. Think of them as a flexible separation between the data you need at work, and the data you need elsewhere. With Spaces, you will be able to store and use your data in Dashlane with increased visibility and convenience.
  • The ability to monitor your team security through the Dashboard of the Admin Console. Learn about your company's overall password security. If you do not have a 100% security score, click See our tips for advice on how to improve your company's password security and strength; or go to View individual scores for a better look at each user's security score.
  • Active Directory Integration and SAML 2.0, two features that make it easier to provision Dashlane Business accounts to employees in a simple, scalable way.

Dashlane Premium features

  • Unlimited password storage and secure synchronization between as many devices as you need.
  • Dark Web Monitoring with personalized alerts. Expanding on our standard security alerts, Dark Web Monitoring constantly searches the web and alerts you when your personal information is being used.
  • The ability to store up to 1 GB of files in your Secure Notes. Secure file storage allows you to store important files and information you want to keep safe but have accessible when you need them, for example when traveling. Business admins should note that if they have disabled Secure Notes, their users will not have access to Secure File Storage.
  • Unlimited sharing of passwords and Secure Notes.
  • The Identity Dashboard, an overview of your overall password health and security alerts, and where you set up Dark Web Monitoring.
  • Password Health Score, which includes improvements in how we judge your passwords’ strength and usage. Note that this feature replaces the Security Score, and is visible within the Admin Console exactly as was the Security Score.
  • In addition to standard two-factor authorization, Premium users can use YubiKeys (U2F).
  • VIP support. Your requests are given priority!

The VPN feature is only available as part of a Dashlane Premium plan.

Other Dashlane features

  • Dashlane automatically logs you into your online accounts, and will instantly fill out forms and payment information, and it does all this using state-of-the-art security.
  • Dashlane helps you make the strongest passwords you can with its Password Generator.
  • The Password Changer can be used to automatically update one or more password at a time from a list of compatible websites.
  • You can designate an emergency contact who, provided certain conditions have been met, is allowed to open your account should you not be able to.

How to subscribe to Dashlane Business?

Dashlane Business subscriptions

If you wish to try Dashlane Business, please click here to start your Dashlane Business trial. You will also find more information on how to start a Dashlane Business account on our dedicated tutorial.

Dashlane Business enables you to buy and manage multiple subscriptions. From the Admin Console, you can then manage and assign seats to other Dashlane users using their registered e-mail address. More information on Dashlane Business is available on our Dashlane Business website.

Automatic renewal

You can see and manage your Team subscription directly on the Admin Console.

If you need any help to manage your subscription on it, please see this article: Introduction- What is the admin console ?

Note that only account administrators and billing contacts can change subscriptions settings in your team.

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