I never received my security code to authenticate a new device

When opening your Dashlane account on a new device, or when signing in to the Web app on our site, you will be asked to authenticate the access with a 6-digit security code or with your Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) code.

This article is for you if you are not receiving our security codes to authenticate your new device. Before going forward, please make sure that 2FA is not enabled for your Dashlane account, in which case you must authenticate this new device with a temporary code generated by your 2FA app. More information on 2FA can be found here. If your 2FA code is said to be incorrect, please refer to this dedicated page of our Help Center.

When authenticating a new device, a 6-digit security code is sent to your email address. Note that your contact email address can be changed from inside the application on Windows (using the ToolsPreferences → Account menu) and Mac OS X (using the DashlanePreferences → Account menu).

If you did not receive your security code, try with new security code by clicking on the Resend button on the login box, or by quitting Dashlane and trying to open your account once again.

Also, check your Spam / Junk mail folder in case the new security code ended up there.

If you are still having trouble logging in, please contact our support team!

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