What has recently changed on Dashlane for iPad

We have recently redesigned the iOS version of Dashlane. We did it for two main reasons: the first is a matter of compliance with iOS standards and the second is to unify our iPhone and iPad versions.

In the process and apart from the user interface, a few things have changed on iPad due to the fact that it is now the same version as on the iPhone:

  1. Payment receipts used to be available only on the iPad version. They are not available anymore.
  2. The Dashlane Browser used to come with a few extra settings on iPad. It is now the same as on iPhone.
  3. The Password History is no longer available on iOS.

We understand that this might be frustrating to those of you who were used to previous versions of Dashlane and we've heard your feedback! Note that this version is the foundation for plenty of exciting things to come for Dashlane on iOS, and we look forward to sharing these with you!  

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