Spaces on Android

Dashlane Business accounts have access to some exclusive Business features, including Spaces. Spaces allow you to store your work and personal items separately for increased visibility and convenience. This article is dedicated to Spaces on Android.

For more general information about Spaces and Dashlane Business, please refer to the following article: What features are included with Dashlane Business?

How to move Passwords, Secure Notes, Payment means, IDs and Personal Info between Spaces

To move an item from one Space to another, please first select the item and tap the pencil icon at the top right of the screen. Then, scroll down to see the Space the item is currently assigned to. You can tap it to modify the item's Space and then save the changes.

This works in the same way for Passwords, Secure Notes, Payment means, IDs and Personal Info.

How to access different Spaces

At anytime, open the app menu and tap the Space icon at the top left of your screen to select the Space you would like to display. If you want to see all of your items combined, select All Spaces.

How to assign a new credential to a Space

When creating an item manually in the application, simply look for the Space icon at the bottom of the form. Scroll down if you don't see it immediately. You can then assign this item to the Space you wish byt tapping the Space icon.

Note that, on Android, you can save passwords to the app when you use them in the Dashlane browser. When you log in using a password not saved in Dashlane, the Dashlane Browser will offer to save that password to the app. To choose a Space for this password, scroll down to find the Space icon before you tap Save.

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