How to manage subdomains in Dashlane

A domain is the identification string that is used to name a location on the Internet. For example, our domain is A subdomain is a domain that is part of a larger domain. Its name will be added at the beginning of the domain's name. For example, you are currently reading a page which is located on our subdomain Dashlane allows you to assign passwords to specific subdomains and make sure they are never mixed together (for instance, if you have different accounts on and

How to set up subdomains in Dashlane

You can configure Dashlane to promote you to choose from all your saved credentials that share a domain on all connected subdomains. For instance, if you have a saved credential for and for, by default Dashlane will prompt you for both of these when you sign-in to Activating the following setup will insure that Dashlane only prompts the right credential on the right subdomain:

  1. Double click on a password item in your Dashlane desktop application
  2. Make sure the website address field is correct and contains a subdomain
  3. Click on "More options" at the bottom of the window to expand the panel
  4. Enable "For this subdomain only”

Note: Dashlane only supports one subdomain - for example, is only one subdomain. For now, two or more subdomains (such as are not supported.

Does Dashlane have equivalent domains? 

Currently, Dashlane does not support equivalent domains. For instance, if you have an account on Amazon and use this account on and or, you will need to create separate credentials in Dashlane for each domain in order for Dashlane to autofill your information on each of these pages, even though you only have one Amazon account used across all Amazon domains. An credential saved in your Dashlane application will not be auto filled on or  

Another example: if you have access to multiple websites that share a single password due to Active Directory, then creating separate credentials in your Dashlane application for each of these websites is required. This will insure proper autofill and autologin at the right place, and at the right time.

This also means that should this single password change for all of these websites, all corresponding credentials in Dashlane should be updated with your new password.

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