What is Remote Deprovisioning?

What is Remote Deprovisioning?

Remote deprovisioning is a Dashlane Business feature which ensures company logins remain secure if an employee leaves an organization. It allows Dashlane Business admins to automatically remove company credentials upon revoking a user from their Dashlane Business account.

Remote deprovisioning is part of the Smart Space Management™ feature set which brings greater visibility and control of company passwords to account admins. Here’s how.

  • When an employee is added to a Dashlane Business account, company passwords can be forced to the Business Space, where their security score is tracked and reported to admins.
  • Then, when an employee is revoked from the Dashlane Business account, those same company passwords are removed automatically and the Business Space is removed.

Items manually added to the Business Space by a user (as opposed to being forced there by an admin) will not be removed via remote deprovisioning. Once a user is removed from a business account, and the Business Space no longer exists for them, those items will exist in their personal Dashlane account.

Note that while a user's company passwords are removed after being revoked from the Dashlane Business account, these passwords are still stored for 30 days before they are permanently deleted.

Learn more about Smart Space Management or managing and revoking users from a Business account.

How to activate Remote Deprovisioning

As a Dashlane Business admin, you can activate remote deprovisioning and remove company items for revoked users in 3 easy steps. Please note: this setting applies to all users on your account. Everything can be done from the “Settings” tab of your Admin Console.

  1. Add your company's domain(s)

These company domains are used to determine which items belong to the company or the user.


  1. Enable the Force company items to company Space setting

Any items which include your company's domain(s) in the login or URL will be stored in the Business Space by default.

  1. Enable the Remove company items for revoked users setting

When a user is revoked, items forced to the Business Space will be removed from that user’s Dashlane account.


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