VPN Frequently Asked Questions

If you encounter a problem when setting up or using the VPN feature, the answers to these questions may help resolve it.

If the issue you have is not addressed below, please contact User Support.


What information is tracked or logged by the VPN?

The only information tracked is technical information related to your VPN connection, in order to maintain performance and stability.

No history is kept of your browsing through the VPN. Additionally, Dashlane provides no identifiable information about our users to AnchorFree, the providers of the technology behind our VPN. 

AnchorFree does not collect or retain any personal information from Dashlane’s users, and therefore does not share any such data with third parties. Furthermore, AnchorFree serves no advertisements and does not provide any advertising SDKs to its partners' applications.

Can I choose the server location?

No. When you connect to the VPN, you will automatically be connected to the nearest available server, often within the country you’re in.

Can I use the VPN for peer-to-peer sharing?

Yes, though port forwarding is not supported by our VPN.

Does Dashlane use a third party provider?

Dashlane uses the Hotspot Shield technology to power the VPN. This means that your encrypted internet traffic is routed through servers hosted by our partner, AnchorFree (provider of Hotspot Shield).

The VPN protocols used depend on your platform. On Android and Windows, the VPN protocol used is OpenVPN, an open source protocol. On Mac, the protocol used is IPSec, an open standard protocol. And on iOS, the protocol used is Catapult Hydra, a proprietary protocol developed by AnchorFree. For more info see here.



Are there any special system requirements to use the VPN?

If you are a Windows user, you must have administrator privileges for the VPN to launch. For example, you are by default the administrator of your home computer, but you may not necessarily be given this access to your work computer. Ask your system administrator for more information.

For all other platforms, the VPN has the same system requirements as the Dashlane application.

I'm using free Premium, can I use the VPN?

The VPN is a Premium feature, with payment required to activate unlimited data usage within the feature. As such, VPN is not available to free Premium or Premium Trial users.

As a Dashlane Business user, do I get to use the VPN?

The VPN feature is currently unavailable for Dashlane Business users. It is currently only available as part of Dashlane Premium.

Because there is a cost associated with passing unlimited data through Dashlane's VPN, and since we do not yet have an administrator-friendly way to deploy VPN in businesses, we have not expanded this particular feature to our entire customer base.

If you're a Dashlane Business customer and the VPN is of interest to you, please do let us know.



What can I do if my email doesn’t work properly when I use the VPN?

If you use an email client such as Outlook or Thunderbird, where your emails are downloaded and managed locally, you may encounter problems sending emails.

Our VPN blocks traffic through the unsecured port 25, instead opting to use the encrypted communications through ports 587 or 465. If your email client uses port 25, please consult your internet service provider’s instructions on how to configure your email client to use other ports, such as 587 or 465, to send and receive email.

If changing the ports used by your email client does not solve the problem, please contact User Support.

Will the VPN slow down my internet connection?

Dashlane's VPN, like any VPN, may in some cases slow your internet connection. Several factors impact speed on the Internet when connecting through a VPN. For example:

  • Connection traffic and stability
  • Computer security settings and antivirus software
  • The distance between you and the VPN servers
  • Data encryption and decryption rate on your device

Does the VPN have a data bandwidth-usage limit?

No. There is no data bandwidth-usage limit when using the VPN.

What happens if my network connection is interrupted? If I leave my current WiFi area, will the VPN connect to another network automatically?

If you are on Windows, Mac, or iOS, when you lose your network connection, the VPN will disconnect and will not automatically reconnect. On Android devices, the VPN will automatically reconnect as soon as an available network is located.

What happens to the VPN connection if my device goes to sleep?

Nothing. If the device goes to sleep, the VPN will not be disconnected.

If I close or log out of Dashlane, will the VPN disconnect?

The VPN will not disconnect if you close Dashlane. However, depending on your platform, the VPN will disconnect if you log out of Dashlane. Remember that you may be logged out if you force-quit the application on desktop.

Will my VPN connection ever time out?

Yes. Any given VPN connection will not last more than 24 hours.

How do I confirm the VPN is connected on desktop?

You can see the VPN's connection status by going to the VPN menu in your Dashlane application, where you will be able to see if your VPN is connected and for how long.

On Mac, the VPN option appears in the application menu at the top of your screen.

On Windows, the VPN option appears in the menu bar at the top of the application window.

On how many devices can I connect my VPN?

There is no limit to the number of devices on which you can connect the VPN.

When I connect the VPN, does it connect on all my devices at the same time?

No. The VPN connection is made individually on each device. For every device on which you wish to use the VPN, you must set up and connect/disconnect independently.

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