What Dashlane 6 means for my account

Dashlane is the easiest way to begin taking control of all your personal information online. With Dashlane 6, we introduced several major new features to help you go even further in keeping your life online simple and secure.

With it, we've changed our pricing and payment plans. As such, there are several subsets of existing users who will be affected by these changes.

Existing Free users

Dashlane Free is being upgraded in several important ways:

  • We've updated the way Dashlane evaluates the strength of your passwords, and we've streamlined how your security performance is displayed. See How to use Dashlane to find out how secure you are for more information about your Password Health score.
  • You now have access to the Identity Dashboard, where you will see a summary of your Password Health results, and can find security alerts relevant to you and your accounts.
  • Dashlane is now able to restore your data in the event of unexpected technical issues with Dashlane, for example if you lose your data due to a software update error, operating system glitch, etc. Note that this is not the same as backup under a Premium plan, but gives you an added measure of peace of mind and account protection. This is being rolled out to Free users over the coming weeks.

Existing Premium Trial users

Premium Trial accounts immediately enjoy the benefits of all the new Premium features, except for VPN, until your trial period ends.

At that point, you can decide to subscribe to continue with all the benefits of the new Dashlane Premium, or else choose to continue as an existing Dashlane Free subscription.

Existing Premium users

Dashlane is constantly evolving to make sure we deliver a service that fully enables you to live life online seamlessly and securely. In addition to managing your passwords, we expanded Dashlane to give you visibility and protection over other aspects of your online life. Dashlane Premium now includes features such as Dark Web Monitoring, a VPN feature to keep your data private and secure, 1 GB of secure file storage, and the Identity Dashboard, where you can find a summary of your Password Health results, set up your Dark Web Monitoring, and will find your custom security and dark web alerts.

As an existing Premium user, you benefit from the improved Dashlane Premium and all its new features until your current subscription period ends. 

If your subscription auto-renews, you will keep the new Premium at your next scheduled payment. If your subscription does not auto-renew, if you like what you see you can renew to keep the new Premium.

For users in the United States, if you paid for your existing Dashlane subscription through PayPal we are obliged to cancel your auto-renewal, and request that you re-subscribe to Dashlane 6 with PayPal or the method of your choice. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Business users

Dashlane Business users get a host of great new features. In fact, business users get all the new Premium features except the VPN as part of their Business plan.

The new features available to Business users include:

  • The Identity Dashboard, an overview of your overall password health and security alerts, and where you set up Dark Web Monitoring.
  • Password Health Score, which includes improvements in how we judge your passwords’ strength and usage. Note that this feature replaces the Security Score, and is visible within the Admin Console exactly as was the Security Score.
  • Dark Web Monitoring, with personalized alerts. Expanding on our standard security alerts, Dark Web Monitoring constantly searches the web and alerts you when your personal information is being used.
  • Secure file storage, which allows you to store important files and information you want to keep safe but have accessible when you need them, for example when traveling.

For general information about your Business plan, see What features are included with Dashlane Business?

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