How to set up and use Credit Monitoring

In the United States, your credit score plays a part in many of life’s most important moments, but you’re not always aware of your credit score until it matters, or unless something goes wrong. What's more, your credit card credentials are a key target of online thieves, and their activities can have a real impact. 

For users in the United States, Dashlane Premium Plus gives you access to a powerful tool to monitor your credit score and credit history, and be notified when an event occurs that may impact your credit score.

Through TransUnion, a leading credit monitoring agency, you have access to a personal CreditView Dashboard, where you can examine your credit score, credit history, and other important aspects of your credit.

Then, once your Credit Monitoring is set up, you will receive automatic email alerts from your CreditView Dashboard every time there are important changes to your credit report.

You will receive alerts when, on your report:

  • A new inquiry is made
  • When a new account in your name is posted
  • When negative information, such as late payments, are posted
  • If a bankruptcy is declared
  • When your account status improves
  • When public information about legal matters is posted
  • A new home address appears
  • When a new employer is indicated
  • When a fraud alert is placed on your credit report

To use the feature, you need to sign up with TransUnion. To do so, inside your Dashlane app visit the Identity Protection module on your Identity Dashboard. Then, when prompted, follow the sign-up process detailed below.

Note that no personally identifiable information is shared between Dashlane and TransUnion other than your email address.

Also note that to set up Credit Monitoring, you must log in to the desktop or mobile applications. Set-up is not available on the Web app.

Setting up Credit monitoring

To sign up with TransUnion, go to the Identity protection module on your Identity Dashboard, where you will be offered to set up the service.


That link will take you to the TransUnion website in order to set up your account.


When you sign up, you will be asked to enter the following information:

  • A username
  • A password (Remember, your password should be unique to TransUnion. Use Dashlane to help generate a strong, unique password!)
  • A secret question and answer
  • Your full name and date of birth
  • Your address
  • The last four digits of your Social Security number

The final step will be to answer security questions to verify your identity. Note that if you need more time to check your records, you can log back in later to complete the process.

Your CreditView Dashboard

Once you have activated Credit Monitoring, your personal CreditView Dashboard allows you to examine:

  • Your credit score, your credit score history, and how it compares to others
  • A credit overview
  • A credit score simulator, to test actions that might alter your credit score

Then, once your Credit Monitoring is set up, you will receive automatic email alerts from your CreditView Dashboard every time there are important changes, positive or negative, to your credit report.

The dashboard on desktop


The dashboard on mobile

Some examples of screens as you scroll through the dashboard:


A short description of each dashboard feature

Credit Score

The credit score featured in your dashboard is a VantageScore 3.0, developed by the three national credit bureaus in the United States to smooth score differences between the different credit bureaus. It uses a score range of 300-850, as indicated in your dashboard. A letter grade is also assigned to your score. Those ranges are visible in the Where You Stand part of the dashboard.

My Score History

Here you can see the evolution of your score over time. The chart begins when you log in to your dashboard the first time, and otherwise shows the past 12 months. Dots on the chart indicate when your credit was pulled, with the date and score at the time.

Where You Stand

This is a national comparison that shows how your score is situated relative to every other American with a TransUnion credit file.

My Credit Overview

This summarizes a number of important pieces of information about your credit, including the current total amount you owe, the share of your available credit being used and a dollar figure of how much remains, and how many inquiries have been made of your credit within the past 2 years.

Score Simulator

This tool allows you to simulate the impact different kinds of actions might have on your credit, such as adding a new credit card, raising the credit line on an existing card, or missing payments on your current credit. 

Where to go for help

For more information or help with your dashboard, see "Support" at the bottom of your dashboard. The FAQs will respond to the most common questions, and otherwise provides you with two phone numbers for help – one for credit-related questions, and another for questions related to accessing the service.


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