How to update Dashlane

The Dashlane application is set to automatically find the latest updates by default. To be sure you have the latest features, fixes, and compatibility, you can also check for updates directly from your device.

You may need to log out and back into your Dashlane account in order to receive notification of any available updates.

As a reminder, please also see our minimum requirements page to know if your current device is compatible with our latest version.


  1. On Windows
  2. On macOS
  3. On iOS
  4. On Android

On Windows

On Windows, please select Tools and then Check for updates in the menu bar.


On macOS

On macOS, if you downloaded the application from our website, go under the Dashlane menu and click on Check for update, then click on "New version of Dashlane available: install and relaunch" to install the update.


If you downloaded Dashlane from the Mac App Store and an update is available, it will be visible under the Updates tab when you open your App Store. If your Mac does not automatically check for updates, search for Dashlane on the Mac App Store and click on "update" if one is available.


On iOS

On iOS devices, please open the App Store, look for Dashlane and tap Update.


On Android

On Android devices, please proceed to Google Play Store, then My applications in the left-hand side menu. Scroll to Dashlane and choose Update.


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