Dark Web Monitoring – Frequently Asked Questions

Dark Web Monitoring scans the web for leaked personal data and sends you alerts so you can take action to protect your accounts. See How to set up and use Dark Web Monitoring

The questions below are some of the most frequently asked by our users. If the question you have is not addressed below, please contact User Support for more information.

How does Dashlane scan the dark web? Does it use a third-party provider?

Dashlane's dark web service scans more than 12 billion records attached to hacks and data breaches, with almost a million new records added every day. The dark web data we use is housed entirely within Dashlane's servers. That means each dark web scan is performed internally and no data is ever passed from Dashlane to a third party, including the email address(es) you scan using Dashlane's Dark Web Monitoring. Dashlane partnered with a leading online intelligence company named SpyCloud to provide the dark web data.  

Is my email used for anything other than the dark web scan?

No. Your email address is only used to perform the dark web scan. For your security, no email address can be scanned without the owner of that email address verifying they wish to have the scan performed.

What does the dark web scan search for?

The scan searches for the provided email address, and alerts you when it finds that email address, or leaked personal information linked to that email address such as passwords, bank account numbers, social security numbers, etc.

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