Dashlane and GDPR

What is the GDPR?

Simply put, the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, is a set of rules designed to give residents of the European Union more control over their personal data. It gives users a series of rights over their data, and makes it easier to ensure that companies respect those rights.

Dashlane is fully compliant with the GDPR. Its spirit was already in our DNA, and we worked hard to make sure that we not only comply with the new regulation but continue to provide our users with the highest level of data protection we can.

Dashlane and your data

Dashlane’s core mission is helping you keep control of your data. From the start it was designed into the application and how we handle your information. We’re proud of our Zero Knowledge security architecture that guarantees that no one but you can read the sensitive information you encrypt in the application.

Of course, Dashlane needs to keep limited information about you for the application and service to work. For example, when you register as a user you must provide Dashlane with an email address. If you are a paying client, we need billing information. If you contact our Support, we keep track of the messages we exchange.

We also collect information about how the application is used, but this data is anonymized before leaving users’ devices and cannot be linked to a specific user. Your encrypted data may transit through or be backed up on our servers, but at no point is readable by Dashlane.

Our Privacy Policy and your rights

We encourage you to consult our Privacy Policy at https://www.dashlane.com/privacy for more detail about the information Dashlane collects, how it uses that information, and your rights. We’re proud of the work we do!

Under GDPR, residents of the European Union must be informed of their data being collected, have access to that data, be able to request it be corrected or erased, as well as other related rights. Should you want to exercise any of those rights, please consult our page regarding Your rights under GDPR.

Where can I find my Privacy and data settings?

Depending on your platform, these are the paths to follow:

  • Windows desktop: Tools > Preferences > Account > Privacy settings > Edit
  • Mac desktop: Dashlane > Preferences > Account > Privacy settings > Edit
  • Android: Menu icon > Settings > Privacy and data settings
  • iOS: Settings > Security > Privacy and data settings
  • Web app and Web extension: My Account (gear icon) > Account Summary > Edit (under "View your data and privacy settings")

Note that users on operating systems we no longer support will not see the Privacy and data settings within their application, and should instead log in to the Web App. We recommend that all users keep their Dashlane up to date. See our minimum requirements.

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