I forgot my Master Password. What do I do?

Your Master Password is only accessible by you and is never shared with or stored by Dashlane.

The only way to decrypt your saved data is by successfully using your Master Password to unlock your Dashlane account. By creating a new Master Password all of the data that you have saved in Dashlane can no longer be decrypted and the account must be reset in order to be used again.

Your Master Password is like a key to a safe. If you have the correct key, you can open the safe. If not, the safe will remain closed. Because you no longer have the key, no one will ever be able to open the safe again. As a result, in order to obtain a new key and a new safe, you must reset your Dashlane account. For an in-depth explanation, please refer to our security page.

If you’re experiencing issues logging in to your Dashlane account or you're not positive you've forgotten your Master Password, please refer to this article.

Resetting your Dashlane account:

  • Wipes your Master Password
  • Wipes all saved data in your account
  • Doesn’t delete your account 
  • Doesn’t affect any active account status or subscription (except Business)

If you’ve set up an emergency contact prior to forgetting your Master Password, you’ll still be able to access any Passwords or Secure Notes that you have previously shared with them.

If you’ve tried the steps listed in the article above and you’re sure you’ll never remember your Master Password, follow the steps to reset your account below.

For Dashlane Business Accounts:

If you are on a Dashlane Business Account with Account Recovery enabled by your Admin and you have also opted in to use the feature, please refer to this article for steps on how to regain access to your Dashlane account with a new Master Password. If you are not sure if you have the Account Recovery feature enabled, please reach out to your Dashlane Admin or contact Dashlane Support here.

If Account Recovery is not enabled, resetting your account will remove you from your Dashlane Business account and any groups you’re in. You will need to be re-invited by your admin. Please note: If you are the only admin on your account, all users will be removed from all groups and all groups will be deleted. You will need to contact Dashlane Support to recover or reassign admin status.

How to reset your Dashlane account:

  1. Open the reset account page in your browser.
  2. Enter the email address that you use as your Dashlane ID to log in in the available field and click "Submit".
  3. Obtain the generated security code: 
    3a. Open your inbox in a new tab or window, locate the email "Account reset request", and copy the 8-digit security code.
    3b. If you have 2FA enabled, check your 2FA app and copy the 6-digit security code or use one of the 16-digit backup codes generated for you when you enabled 2FA in Dashlane.
  4. Paste the code in the available field on the reset account page where you requested the code and click "Reset your account" to confirm.

After resetting your Dashlane account:

  1. Restart your device.
  2. Open your Dashlane app and click on "Create an account".
  3. Use your previous email address to transfer over your previous account status or subscription.
  4. Create a new Master Password and use the eye icon to ensure there are no errors.
  5. Click "Next" and proceed with the on-boarding process to start using Dashlane again.
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