How to add personal data to Dashlane

To get the most out of Dashlane, you might want to enter your personal information into the app. This data is securely encrypted just like your login information and can be used to help you quickly and accurately fill out registration forms, delivery information, job applications and any online form that require your personal information.

To get started, go to the Personal Info section in the Dashlane application.

There, you will find headings for all the different types of data we can manage: names, emails, phone numbers, addresses, companies and websites. Click on Add new or on the + icon to add a new entry.

When you create your Dashlane account, you will be asked whether you want to enter your identity, but you can also create as many as you need if you share Dashlane with others or if you want to manage several identities. Each field is optional and represents a field we could fill online.

The Emails heading can help you save and manage all your email addresses in one location.

Below that, the Phones section can do the same for your phone numbers.

The Addresses section lets you store your address and any other addresses you want to keep track of or may need to provide online, for instance if you want to have a package delivered to your home.

Finally the Company and Website sections can help you supply company info or a web address when needed.

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