How to use Dashlane in your browser

Check if the extension is correctly installed

When you open your browser after installing Dashlane you will see the shield icon in the toolbar. It will be outlined in the color teal (unless you use Safari, where the Dashlane icon will be dark gray, or Internet Explorer, where the extension will show a green dot).

This is what it should look like:



If you don't see this, then click here for more info about how to install your Dashlane browser extension.

Easy one-step log in

Dashlane will log you in to all your web accounts in one simple click. When you go to a website, look for the Dashlane impalas in empty fields. A blue impala means that we have the information already and a gray one means that we don't and you will have to enter it manually. Click here to find out how to add your login information to Dashlane

Click in the field and Dashlane will display a drop-down list for you to choose the information or identity that you want to use. Click on one web card and we will automatically fill in all the fields based on the information you've saved in the application. For example, if you click in the "Username" field and then click on your login...

...Dashlane will log you in automatically

Dashlane also has the ability to log you into your accounts via HTTP Basic and Digest Authentication. Simply enter and save your credential into Dashlane and Dashlane's autologin feature will log you in behind the scenes. Please note that this feature works best with only one credential saved per website and that the log in experience is invisible.

Form autofill

Tired of filling in registration forms for every website you sign up for? Dashlane will do all the legwork for you! Simply click in a field and choose what information you want to use to fill out the form.

Click on one of these choices from the drop-down menu then Dashlane will automatically fill in the form for you.

Online buying help

Dashlane lets you complete any purchase in seconds!

Click in the field where you need to enter your credit card, and Dashlane will let you choose which credit card you want to use and then fill in all the information for you

Once you've finished your purchase, you'll get to save your receipt in Dashlane, meaning that you can keep track of all your online purchases. You can edit this information or add another line if you need to.

Strong password generator

One of Dashlane's best features is the ability to automatically create and store unique and secure passwords. When you click in a field where you need to enter a new password, you will see a drop-down green box saying "Generate Strong Password". Click on this and we'll generate a password and save it for you so that whenever you return to this site in the future, you can use Dashlane to sign you in with a secure password, that you don't even need to remember.

Dashlane extension menu

If you click on the Dashlane icon in your toolbar and go to the first tab, you will be able to see all the logins and passwords you have saved into Dashlane. Simply click on one of your credentials and you'll be redirected and logged in to this site. If you want to access the application, click on the More options button when hovering over your credential.


The second tab provides you with options related to the website you are currently visiting. This tab allows you to disable Dashlane on a specific webpage or entire website and to report any issue you might notice in the extension (for instance if Dashlane does not fill a field on a particular webpage).


The third tab allows you to generate strong password at any time you want. You can choose the desired length of the password, whether it will contain letters, numbers, symbols, and if you want it to be pronounceable so that you can remember it better.


The fourth tab allows you to go directly to three features of Dashlane, Password Changer, the Security Dashboard, and the Password History.

Note: The fourth tab is not yet available on Linux and Chromebook. 


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