What are secure notes?

With Secure Notes, you can store private keys to software, wifi passwords, and other important documents that need to be stored securely, but to which you also need easy access. Keep them safe, private, and accessible only to you.

How to create Secure Notes

On Windows and MacOS

To create a new secure note in Dashlane, you need to go first to the Secure Notes section of your Dashlane application. Then click the Add New button at the top left.

This will open up the note editor for a new note. When entering text in your notes you have a title line at the top, and beneath that is the body of the note. This section can be as large as you want. You also have the option to store a secure file by clicking on Attach a file. Click OK to save it.


On Linux and Chromebook

You also can create Secure Notes on Linux and Chromebook. Please, refer to this article for instructions. 

Available options for your Secure Notes

  • Categories

Choose a category for your note. You can also add a new category by going to the Tools menu, then clicking on Edit secure note categories.

  • Secure File Storage

Secure File Storage allows you to use the same powerful encryption and security infrastructure used to protect your passwords and Secure Notes, but now to encrypt and store your sensitive documents within your Dashlane app. For more information on how to use Secure File Storage, please click here.

  • Lock with Master Password

You can decide to lock a specific note with your master password by clicking or tapping on the small padlock icon. This means that you will need to enter your master password to access this note. Note that once you unlock a note with your master password, then it will stay unlocked until you log out of Dashlane.

  • Colors

You can give different colors to your notes to make them easier to identify. This is done with the Color option next to the Categories when you edit a note.

  • Share your notes securely with other people

Once your Secure Note is created, you can safely share it with other people, whether they are Dashlane users or not. Simply click on the Share button at the top right of the note, put in your friend's email address (one or several friends) and click Send. Note that for security reasons you cannot share Secure Notes with attached files, nor attach files to shared notes. Learn more about secure sharing.

  • Searching for your Secure Notes

Search for a note using Dashlane's Search bar. But if your note is locked with your master password, then keep in mind that you'll need your master password to access this note from the search bar.


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