Using Dashlane to autofill with iOS 12

With iOS 12, logging in with Dashlane has never been easier. Once you have updated to the latest version of Dashlane and configured your iPhone to use Dashlane as your default password manager, you can access and fill your Dashlane passwords directly within Safari, as well as Chrome, Firefox, and other apps that have chosen to include this capability.

How to set up autofill on iOS 12

Go into your iPhone's "Settings", and select "Passwords & Accounts". Then, select "AutoFill Passwords".


Once inside "AutoFill Passwords", you will see the Keychain and Dashlane proposed for autofilling. Select Dashlane. We very strongly recommend that you unselect the Keychain. Having both selected will create a confusing and potentially less-effective user experience.


How to log in with autofill on iOS 12

Once you have Dashlane set up to autofill your passwords, note that your experience may vary slightly if you have more than one account on a website, or depending on how confident your iPhone is about which password you would like to use.

When you have at least one account in Dashlane that matches the website or app

Simply click on the proposed account, and Dashlane will autofill the email and password. Note that the small key icon opens a menu allowing you to select other accounts.


When your iPhone is especially confident it knows which account to use

If your iPhone is confident about which of your accounts you would like autofilled, it will propose that account in place of the keyboard. Note that the keyboard is still available by clicking on the small icon on the lower left, and your other accounts are available by clicking on the small key icon on the lower right. 


If your iPhone does not recognize any account in Dashlane that matches the website or app

If you do not have an account for a website or app, or if the account you just tried did not work, your iPhone will propose a generic "Passwords" button that opens a menu allowing you to select other accounts. Your iPhone may systematically propose this option for some browsers and apps.


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