How to use Dashlane to generate or change a password

To generate a strong password for one of your accounts, the easiest way is to let Dashlane do that for you automatically from a website, either during account creation or directly from your account on that site. The generated password will be saved into the app. Here's how to do this! 

Note: the Password Changer and Password History features are only available on Windows and MacOS, and not on Linux and Chromebook currently. 

Generating a strong password from the password field

You can use Dashlane to create and store secure, one-of-a-kind passwords. To do this, simply click in the new password field of a site when you register or when you are changing your password. You will see a button appear to generate a password.

Important: Do not forget to save this new, strong, randomly-generated password into Dashlane! You will see a pop-up window and you need to click on the REPLACE or SAVE button (depending on whether you're changing a password on a site or creating a new account with a strong password).

Generating a custom strong password from the browser extension

Please note that the full extension menu is not available in Internet Explorer. You need to use Chrome, Firefox or Safari. The last section of this article covers the Internet Explorer exception in more detail.

You can generate a custom strong password through the Dashlane browser extension. To do this, click on the extension in your browser's toolbar and then click on the second tab with the symbols on it.


You can also click on the Use as Defaults button at the bottom to make these settings your default settings for all your generated passwords (even in other browsers, like Internet Explorer).


Using Password Changer to generate a new password

Our new feature, Password Changer, allows you to change your passwords automatically in one click from the Dashlane app. Dashlane will generate a new and strong password for you. Please refer to this page for more information about this feature.

How to see a list of all your generated passwords

If you need to, you can go to Tools → See Generated Passwords in the Dashlane application to view all the passwords generated by Dashlane. More information here: Finding any password that Dashlane generated on a website.

You can watch this quick video walkthrough on how to retrieve a generated password.

Workaround for Internet Explorer

There is currently no way to customize your generated strong passwords directly in the Internet Explorer extension. Nevertheless, there is still a workaround to have them fit your needs:

  1. Close all your Internet Explorer windows.
  2. Open a window in a Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome Browser and then open the Dashlane extension.
  3. Go in the "#a*" tab and set there the settings you would like to have in Internet Explorer.
  4. Click on "use as Defaults" and close the browser. Your new settings will now be running on Internet Explorer too!
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