How to clean duplicate passwords

Some password might get duplicated for various reasons (import, conflict in sync, clicking "save as new" on the web instead of "replace", etc...) but, most of the time, Dashlane will try merging passwords that have the same URL, login and password.

Having duplicate passwords can lead to very bad situations such as being locked out of the corresponding online account or just impairing the usage of Dashlane on the web.

To avoid this, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Open the Dashlane application, preferably on a Windows or macOS computer;
  2. Log into your Dashlane account;
  3. Locate the duplicate passwords in the app either by searching manually or using a keyword in the search bar;
  4. Name every duplicate of the same online account differently by editing the Name field (which should be filled with the website's domain by default);
  5. Go to the corresponding website and click in the log in fields;
  6. Dashlane will show the different names and you can then select each of them one after the other to determine which work and which don't;
  7. Go back to the Dashlane application and delete the passwords that didn't work on the website.

This is the easiest way to get rid of duplicate passwords that don't work and avoid being locked out of your online accounts because of two many failed log-in attempts.

Click here to know how to delete several credentials at once. It will help if you have a great number of duplicates to get rid of.

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