Making the most of Dashlane Free

If you’re like most people, you have more passwords than you know how to remember. In fact, you have more passwords than you remember creating! You’ve probably tried out different ‘systems’ to remember them and keep them straight.

But then you discovered that Dashlane was an easy way to finally get control of your passwords – to remember and fill them in automatically for you, all while making them stronger and more secure.

So you’ve installed Dashlane and created your account. What is a Dashlane Free plan, and how can you make the most of it?

The features of a Free plan

Main features

  • First and foremost, it’s free! A Free plan is a cheap and easy way to benefit from Dashlane’s fundamental features. Try it, and see what Dashlane can do to make your life easier and more secure.
  • Dashlane automatically logs you in to your online accounts, and will instantly fill out forms and payment information, and it does all this using state-of-the-art security.
  • Dashlane alerts you if any of your accounts have been reported breached, so that you can tighten up your security as fast as possible.
  • You can store up to 50 passwords on one device.

Dashlane's other useful tools for your passwords and more

  • Dashlane helps you make the strongest passwords you can with its Password Generator.
  • The Password Changer can be used to automatically update one or more passwords at a time from a list of compatible websites.
  • You can keep critical information safely written down in Secure Notes.
  • You can securely share up to 5 passwords or Secure Notes with friends and family who also use Dashlane.
  • You can designate an emergency contact who, provided certain conditions have been met, is allowed to open your account should you not be able to.
  • We allow you to use two-factor authentication to add an extra layer of security when using Dashlane.
  • Dashlane is able to restore your data in the event of unexpected technical issues with Dashlane, for example if you lose your data due to a software update error, operating system glitch, etc. Note that this is not the same as backup under a Premium plan, but gives you an added measure of peace of mind and account protection.

Your Premium Trial for 30 days

Anyone signing up for Dashlane for the first time is entitled to 30 days of a Premium Trial plan.

It’s designed to let you see everything that Dashlane Premium has to offer, and gives you immediate access to all Dashlane Premium features (except VPN protection, which requires a purchase).

You’ll be able to jump-start using Dashlane to make your life online both easier and more secure.

How to make the most of your Free plan

To make the most of Dashlane Free, here are a few things to do: 

  • Use your Premium Trial to its fullest extent. See what Dashlane Premium has to offer. Chances are, your digital life is wider and deeper than you imagine, and Dashlane can help.
  • Use Dashlane’s Secure Inbox Scan on your mobile device during your Premium Trial period. As easy as it is to just surf the internet and let Dashlane do the rest, you’ll want to be sure you haven't missed any important accounts, including the ones you haven't logged in to in a while. The Inbox Scan makes this faster and easier than ever and gives you an overview of your accounts.
  • Remember that Dashlane allows you to use different, complicated passwords for each of your accounts. Use Dashlane's password generation to take advantage of this.
  • Regularly visit your Identity Dashboard. All of the most critical information about your online security is there. Use the Password Health tool to prioritize which passwords to improve first. If you get a security alert, follow its advice and change those passwords as soon as possible.
  • Use Secure Notes to keep track of important information you want to keep safe but have accessible when you need them.
  • Spend a few minutes entering in the credit cards you use for your online purchases and never ask a website to remember your credit card information again.
  • Similarly, fill in your personal information and let Dashlane fill in the information on online forms. It will save your time and hassle!
  • Use two-factor authorization to add security to your Dashlane account.

Going further

Naturally, should you want to take your Dashlane to the next level, Dashlane Premium offers you an upgraded version of many of Dashlane's key features: An unlimited number of passwords, secure synchronization of your passwords and data on multiple devices, and unlimited sharing of passwords and Secure Notes, as well as new, Premium-only features including Dark Web Monitoring and VPN for WiFi protection. For more information, read Making the most of Dashlane Premium or click to purchase Dashlane Premium.

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